Public Service Media and The Common Good

The paper published on Digitcult,  Vol 1 No 1 (2016) link ,  attempts to identify the mission of Public Service Media (PSM) if they are to reassert their role in the twenty-first century. It is argued that PSM still have, and must accept, the responsibility of planning both schedules and programs with the aim of encouraging people to make better choices for their own wellbeing, as well as promoting audience development, inclusion, and social awareness. It is also argued that this traditional mission must be renewed by identifying new instruments and new spaces for mediating a public debate that engages the productive and progressive forces of the country, from active citizen communities to cultural and scientific communities. Indeed, the role of PSM must be constantly negotiated in order to be fully participative and open to change. They must not only be able to maintain dialogue and accountability with respect to their audience, but also be open to outside ideas, influences and “hybridization”. This role has become even more strategic in the new digital habitat. PSM must manage this transitional phase, promote digital inclusion, encourage the country to use new platforms and, above all, to use them proactively and consciously.

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